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First off, if you’re experiencing the worst headache of your life, please stop reading and head to an emergency room, especially if it’s onset was sudden. Alright, moving on: I’ll start with a personal story and get to the studies, below. Feel free to skip ahead. I was thirteen, in English class and struggling to […]

Lab Wars Interview To subscribe to Neuroamer audio content in podcast form, click here. This is an unusual post for the blog because it’s primarily an audio interview  with charming Caezar Al-Jassar, Ph.D, co-creator of the game Lab Wars. The conversation goes into having a side project as a young academic and Caezar’s kickstarter success, but also touches […]

Do you drink a glass of water before going to bed? Then, hate to break it to you, but you have something in common with a mouse. Overview A new paper suggests that a mouse’s biological clock increases its thirst shortly before it sleeps.1 Why? The study’s authors suggest this increased drive to drink, allows a […]

Fast Food – Fast News Trump is really, really smart. His intellect is huge and he knows things. Many such things. Excellent man. One thing he knows: Our schools are really, really bad. Really, really, really bad. They’re nasty places. And maybe because of that, he uses plain language. Shaming or blaming people for being […]

Circuit Neuroscience Recently, research into psychiatric disease has made great strides, but continued progress may require unpopular and ethically murky research. Joshua Gordon, the new director of the National Institutes of Mental Health writes in this month’s Nature Neuroscience: “At this unique and exciting time for psychiatry, novel therapies for individuals with mental illnesses seem just around […]

“We are closer to attaining cheerful serenity by simplifying thoughts and figures. Simplifying the idea to achieve an expression of joy. That is our only deed.” – Henri Mattise I’m of the opinion you should never trust a Nobel Prize winner[1], or at least you should pay them no more attention than your crazy uncle on […]

Modified from Mahmoud Ibrahim I wake up drenched in sweat and shivering. I feel so cold, that I pull the blankets up over my face, but when my hand touches my face it feels burning hot. What’s going on? Is this all a fever dream? I have a fever and I’m over-heating, so the blazing skin and […]

While researching last week’s post on the Best popular neuroscience books, I came upon many people asking: Which is the best neuroscience textbook? Is there any consensus? I looked up the top neuroscience graduate programs in the U.S.[1] and found syllabi from introductory neuroscience classes taught at these universities. Here’s a couple tables summarizing the textbooks being […]

It was a book that originally piqued my interest in neuroscience and in the ten years I’ve studied neuro, what I’ve learned from books has stuck with me longer than what I’ve learned in classes, lectures, conferences. Why do books stick with us? Are well-written books crafted for the structure of our minds—creating interesting stories […]

Step aside, Cesar Millan—these days when you want to know what the dog really saw, ask a scientist, not a Dog Whisperer. While studies of domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) have long been fundamental to neuroscience—it was Pavlov’s dog after all that drooled when it heard that bell—dog research is undergoing a renaissance due to advances in genetic […]