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As I lay on my couch, shirtless and cold but sweating from my first Covid booster shot, I got a push notification about a Wired article: New Covid Drugs Are Here — and They Could Change the Pandemic The article highlights the benefits these drugs could bring to the third world, where the logistics of […]

On Tuesday I launched a new podcast, Algorithm! Algorithm is about a journalist who created an algorithm to use homicide data to try to identify serial killers. His algorithm flagged a suspicious number of unsolved strangulations in Gary, IN and he reached out to them to warn them they might have a serial killer on […]

I’m momentarily fascinated by the notion of copyrights and the public domain. The freedom of information and availabilty of it. A quick google search brought me to The Robesonian from October 29th, 1920. It’s a small, sparse paper from Lumberton, North Carolina. Just four pages, the only images are in the ads. 1920 was an […]

This post is a follow-up to the post Gimlet’s unofficial reading list for making good podcasts Just got finished Make Noise by Eric Nuzum, the podcast developer who helped guide shows like Invisibilia and Where Should We Begin. Make Noise was a super-quick read. I tore through it in two days.   The book advises […]

As I’m now working at an NPR station, but I was never formally trained in journalism, I decided to look up what I missed out on. Here are the introductory textbook’s used by 5 of America’s top journalism programs: Textbook / Book Program New Used   Who, What, When, Where, Why by James Glen Stovall […]

The Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA, is launching a podcast app designed to help doctors to listen to educational content and take quizzes on what they learn. By listening to these podcasts and taking the accompanying quizzes, medical professionals could earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, which are needed for licensing requirements. JAMA […]

A little over two months ago, I drove all the way from Northern Virginia to Garden City Kansas to start a job as a reporter at High Plains Public Radio. Today, I’m psyched to have finished my first four-minute radio feature: ‘What Are We Gonna Do With Them?’ Livestock Hauling Industry Concerned About New Federal Rules. If […]

I made a podcasts about podcasts, but it’s not like those other podcasts about podcasts. Selects, is a show for people looking to listen to something new that actually want to hear the podcast not an interview with the host. I asked independent and up-and-coming producers to “show me what you got.” Hosts cut down […]

(AP Photo/Mark Tenally) On Saturday, Nats batter Adrian Sanchez turned in towards a pitch as he attempted to bunt. But the 96-mph pitch headed straight for him, and the baseball struck him in the chest. He clutched his chest and collapsed to the ground where he remained for several minutes. An athletic trainer ran over, […]

Just listened to the neuroscientist, Robert Sapolsky, talk about free will on Sam Harris’s podcast. Neither of them believe in free will and neither do I. It started in high school with a thought experiment: if you rewound your life and woke up again this morning with no memory of what had happened today, would you […]