Check out my new podcast!


On Tuesday I launched a new podcast, Algorithm!

Algorithm is about a journalist who created an algorithm to use homicide data to try to identify serial killers. His algorithm flagged a suspicious number of unsolved strangulations in Gary, IN and he reached out to them to warn them they might have a serial killer on their hands. But they ignored him, until four years they arrested a serial killer who confessed to a string of nearly identical crimes.

It’s a wild and twisting story and one that I think really combines my skillset as researcher from working in science and working as a reporter, with the skillset I’ve learned as a true crime producer of doling out a story with cliffhangers and surprises.

Two episodes are out now, with new episodes released each Tuesday. You can click this link to go to the podcast, then click on Episode 1 “Afrikka Didn’t Need to Die.” And hit the follow/subscribe button. If there’s another podcatcher you prefer to use, here’s the link to the RSS.

It’s the first podcast like this that I’ve ever fully written and hosted, and I’m also the lead producer. Not sure who still follows this blog, but would love for you to listen and would love to know what you think!

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